04 mai 2008


Citizens :
the shadows of
Christian SCHLOH
your shadow can become a part of this nation, if you wish so, send your shadow in the same manner of the shadows above to this contact email.

Schattenland is a nation composed of shadows. The nation was defined in Berlin Germany on the 28 of April 2008. We each have the right to declare that our shadows are citizens of this country. We document our shadows and capture the shadow structures in drawings and photos. We make shadow puppets to entertain our shadows. We tell time by sundials. Our shadows are dependant on us, we take care of them but they have a life of their own. Our bodies act out the movements necessary for our shadows to live and make their place in the world. When the sky is grey or during the night we have different relationships and our shadows exist in different ways. The shadow of the earth is what surrounds us and we are thus dependant on our shadows.
The sun is very important to this country as are all light sources.

Schattenland arrived from a discussion of Germany, and the feelings that many Germans have about being German. There is also a large question of being European, and how this is also something to think of. In the last one hundred years Germany has had a difficult history. Perhaps SCHATTENLAND can heal the wounds of the past and present an all inclusive canvas for all people living in the world.